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Notes From Talks I've Given at OSU

"Reading Classics" Seminar

Quadrature of the Hyperbola (Autumn 2016)
Zigzag Numbers (Autumn 2017)
Pi is Irrational (Autumn 2018)
Hilbert's Third Problem (Autumn 2019)
Polya's Theorem on Random Walks (Spring 2021)
The Mathematics of Light and Vision (Spring 2022)

"What Is...?" Seminar

What Is... the Lambda Calculus? (Summer 2017) (Handout)
What Is... the Recursion Theorem? (Summer 2018) (Handout)
What Is... Shor's Algorithm? (Summer 2019)
What Is... the Limit of a Sequence of Graphs? (Summer 2021)
What Is... a Ramanujan Graph? (Summer 2022)

Quantum Algebra & Quantum Topology Seminar

Biquandles and Biquandle Brackets (With Adu Vengal, Autumn 2018)

Symmetric Functions Reading Course (Spring 2019)

The RSK Correspondence (Lecture 1 of 2)
A Classification of Simple Representations of the Symmetric Group (Lecture 2 of 2)

Lectures Given In Classes

Pigeon-Hole and Double-Counting (MATH 5529H, Autumn 2018) (Handout)
Paradoxical Groups (MATH 5590H, Autumn 2018) (Handout)