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Notes From Talks I've Given at UC Berkeley

Discrete Analysis Seminar

Critical Random Graphs and Brownian Excursion (Autumn 2022)
A Birds-Eye View of Longest Increasing Subsequences (Spring 2023)
An Exposition to an Exposition to Information Percolation (Fall 2023)

Student Probability Seminar

Stein's Method: Size-Bias and Isolated Vertices (Spring 2023)
Stein's Method: Concentration of Magnetization in the Curie-Weiss Model (Spring 2023)
Superconcentration: Introduction (Fall 2023)
Superconcentration: and Chaos (Fall 2023)
Connectedness Threshold in Random Graphs (Spring 2024)


Notes for a discussion about limiting fluctuations of exponential last-passage percolation (Spring 2023)