D&D Tool

Bck to miscellaneous math pages

Unfortunately this page is (hopefully temporarily) out of commission.
The original Dungeons and Dragons tool ran on PHP, and now that I've migrated my website to github pages, I can't run PHP.
Hopefully eventually when I get my own server space back this page will run once again.
For now, you can can download the source code from the following two links:


To run them, you'll need to have ghc installed.
To compile the program, type "ghc -O Main.hs".
To run it type "./Main n e a" where n is the number of sides on your die, e is the desired expected value, and a is the acceptable margin of error.

If you'd like to run the program as it used to run on this page, you can also download the old PHP page here.
You'll also need this executable file, and this timer script file.
Put all three files in the same directory, then navigate to the PHP file in your web browser and it should work (as long as you're not using Windows).