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Notes From Courses I've Taken at OSU

MATH 4181H: Honors Analysis I (Autumn 2016)
MATH 4182H: Honors Analysis II (Spring 2017)
MATH 5520H: Honors Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Autumn 2017)
MATH 5522H: Honors Complex Analysis (Spring 2018)
MATH 5529H: Honors Combinatorics (Autumn 2018)
MATH 5530H: Honors Probability (Spring 2019)
MATH 5540H: Honors Differential Geometry (Spring 2018)
MATH 5576H: Honors Number Theory (Autumn 2017)
MATH 5590H: Honors Abstract Algebra I (Autumn 2018)
MATH 5591H: Honors Abstract Algebra II (Spring 2019)

MATH 6111: Abstract Algebra I (Autumn 2019)
MATH 6112: Abstract Algebra II (Spring 2020)
MATH 6211: Real Analysis I (Autumn 2019)
MATH 6212: Real Analysis II (Spring 2020)

MATH 8140: Topics in Algebraic Geometry - Elliptic Curves (Spring 2020)
MATH 8160: Topics in Representation Theory - Differential Equations and Quantum Groups (Autumn 2019)
MATH 8800: Topics in Topology - Low-Dimensional Topology (Autumn 2019)

MATH 4570: Applied Algebraic Topology (Spring 2019)

STAT 4201: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I (Autumn 2016)
STAT 4202: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II (Spring 2017)

CSE 6321: Computability and Complexity (Spring 2018)
CSE 6331: Algorithms (Autumn 2017)