Vilas Winstein — Curriculum Vitae

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University of California, Berkeley
2022-Present — PhD Student in Mathematics

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
2020-2022 — Fulbright Student

The Ohio State University
2016-2020 — BS in Mathematics and Computer Science


University of California, Berkeley
2023 — Teaching Assistant for Math 55 (Discrete Mathematics)
2023 — Teaching Assistant for Math W54 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations)
2023 — Teaching Assistant for Math 16B (Analytic Geometry and Calculus)

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
2020-2022 — Assistant Research Fellow (advised by Miklós Abért)

The Ohio State University
2019 — Teaching Assistant for MATH 1130 (Algebra for Business)
2018-2019 — Mentor for MATH 4181H/4182H (Honors Analysis)
2016-2017 — Tutor for Calculus I, II, and III at MSLC
2016 — Grader for CSE 2321 (Discrete Mathematics)
2016 — Grader for CSE 2221 (Software Components)


University of California, Berkeley: Student Probability Seminar
2024-Present — Organizer

Spectral Collective (YouTube Channel)
2021-Present — Writing, animation, editing, voice-over work

Erdős Center: Semester on Large Networks and their Limits
2022 — Assistant organizer for "Graphs, Groups, Stochastic Processes"
2022 — Assistant organizer for "Mathematics of Large Networks"

The Ohio State University: Radical Pi Math Club
2018-2020 — Lead organizer and Free Pizza provider


2023 — Honorable Mention in the third Summer of Math Exposition (SoME3)
2022 — Winner of the second Summer of Math Exposition (SoME2)
2022 — National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
2021 — Honorable Mention in the first Summer of Math Exposition (SoME1)
2020 — Fulbright Grant (Budapest Semesters in Mathematics-Rényi Institute)
2019 — Barry Goldwater Scholarship